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My Mojo has returned!

I promised myself I wouldn’t get discouraged. I’d just knit through the wierdness that was coming out on my needles, and finally my mojo has found its way back to me!

I moved down a size and went to smaller needles and started out again. In an effort not to overwhelm myself, and perhaps for a bit of amusement, I frogged only one skein of yarn at a time from my massive Juliet Cardigan as I knit the new one. I immediately fell in love with the sweater all over again and actually liked it more with its tighter stitches. It was knitting up pretty fast and I was starting to feel much better about the whole fiasco. Especially when I compared the two tops and could see I was on the right track.

As usual it became a bit of an obsession – I was off work for a few vacation days and knitting so much that I actually had to take a break to give my hands a rest! Of course I went yarn store exploring – but by then I had a reason – I needed to find the perfect buttons! Knit Purl in Providence came through with these fantastic wooden buttons with pink in them.

Motivation, the return of my mojo, and rested fingers – yep I was ready for the home stretch. I breezed through the last few inches and sailed through making the button loops and sewing the buttons on – I was weaving ends as I went so that was done too. What do you know a perfect fit and a sweater that I’m thrilled with!

I’m back to loving knitting again. Of course now there are about a dozen projects I want to take on – but at least I have the confidence to do them now!

Where is my mojo!?

After my spring thaw sock failure, and my fun with Baby Yeti, I opted to knit the Juliet Cardigan – simple, not much more than a garter stitch and then a six row pattern repeat. I found this really wonderful soft ice pink Sandnes Garn Fiesta and set out to work.

The top knit up really fast and I was totally enjoying the mindless factor. The sweater is knit top down so I was able to try it on and make sure the armholes were long enough and keep going. It was a bit stretched – as only a heavier weight yarn and larger needles could be but I kept going. I will admit to this sneaking feeling of dread the more I did though. I cast off the final stitch on Friday night – all excited to find the perfect buttons. It looked big on the needles, but I figured it was just because it was all in one piece – I tried it on – total hugeness. Had I even entertained asking my 6’2″ boyfriend to try it on I’d venture to say it would be huge on him too – but lets face it – he’s just all man, the sweater was ice pink and it was just never going to happen. Seeing it swim on him while amusing would not eliminate the fact that it was just gigantic! What the !*&(@# – Could someone please tell me where my knitting mojo has gone?!

I actually threw it in the washer and dryer, figuring even though it was acrylic blend it would regain some of its snap from being weighted down on the needles…nope to quote my friend Dee who walked in just after it came out of the dryer “Wow its just massive isn’t it?!” While Dee’s lovely British accent and choice of words made it all sound so much more tolerable when she said it, truly when you come right down to it – it is just another knitting UGH! (funny – but totally pathetic!)

Seriously look at this thing – I mean its very pretty and all in spite of its size.

I took a correctly sized sweater made when I had my knitting mojo – even when I take into account that one is a short waist pullover and the other is supposed to be a longer cardigan the ridiculous factor, as embarrassing as it is – must be shared.

If there were knitting police, I swear they would either be writing me a ticket or revoking my needles or something. I just dont understand it – I’m careful, I swatch, I read the directions, I even check for tell me exactly how I came up with a sweater that is big enough to be a blanket for two people!

One more deep breath. I have a plan. I’m going to use a size smaller needle and one size smaller pattern. I will try on obsessively as I go, even if that means running a lifeline so I can try it off the needles. I’m frogging the big one and transforming it into one that fits. I may even knit directly from the oversized mess for that matter! I will not be swayed – you can’t have my needles, I will find my knitting mojo – who knows, maybe its buried in my stash somewhere?!