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When I was about 8, my grandmother taught me how to crochet bookmarks – they were these curly snake type things at the top that you glued eyes on, they had a long tail that marked your page, and a tassel on the end. I made dozens of them (fine I sold them for 25 cents but thats another story). I loved yarn – so many colors and you turned string into a thing – very cool.

I’m not sure when I stopped crocheting, but somewhere during my freshman year in college I switched over and picked up knitting and the rest as they say is history.

Both knitting and crocheting give you a combination of so many satisfying things. First of all, there is yarn buying – exploring all the amazing different kinds of yarn, picking the right color and texture. Then there is creating. Turning a skein of nothing into anything you want it to be. Then there is the social aspect which continues to grow. Not only do you get to meet great people – but they all understand your obsession and believe me – it becomes an obsession.

Several years ago I was invited to teach knitting, and I found that there is a special joy in helping others find their passion for knitting.  Take a look at my Instruction page for more information – if you have the desire to learn – I would love to teach you!