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It takes about 10 minutes with me to realize that I have not lived a mundane, quiet type of life. Somewhere along the line I figured out that savoring the highs and not sinking into the lows required a serious sense of humor. Now, some consider me eccentric, others just plain crazy, but I’m thinking the key to life is to find the humor in every day.

So check out my random collection of amusements, milestones and uncategorized whatevers to share.

Overboard Vacation Blog
Mother and daughter cruise the Greek Islands. Share the journey as we blog along the way!

Parents & Facebook Article
Once upon a time, Facebook was only for college students. Slowly others got access. When that happened, Steph and I were interviewed about Kids who had parents on facebook for the Contra Costa Times. What a great laugh!

Our Toru-tola Vacation
Bruce and I took our first vacation together in 2003. I painstakingly surfed the web trying to select the perfect destination and accomdations. Armed with the excitement of two hard working people really ready for a vacation combined with the enthusiasm of a couple in a relatively new relationship we headed off to the beautiful house we rented on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. This falls into the you couldnt write this stuff category.