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There is never a proper time to lose a parent. My father was no exception. I grew to appreciate him more and more the older I got – especailly his perspective on how to live life. He had this awesome sense of humor and I can still hear him laughing. The thing about my dad is that he, unlike anyone else, just got me in the ways that most people dont – not only did he get me, but he got a kick out of my quirks, which just made it ok to be exactly who I am.

Lessons my father taught me
In loving memory of Allen Rudolph
A man whose wit and wisdom made a lasting impression

  • You should never be too old to giggle or to wonder what you’ll be when you grow up.
  • The easiest way to ruin chocolate is to add fruit or nuts.
  • Things don’t matter, people do. But that doesn’t mean that things arent good to have.
  • You can really concentrate better if you sitck out your tongue.
  • Reaching the goal is not as important as the lessons you learn during the pursuit.
  • Never attempt any job without the right tools.
  • Health and happiness are priceless.
  • If you can’t decide between two items, don’t look at the price tag. Look at the difference between the two prices.
  • A man on a galloping horse never notices much of anything.
  • Each child has it’s own needs and a parent gives accordingly.
  • Education is the greatest gift you can give your children.
  • When in doubt, err on the side of integrity.
  • It’s a great feeling to be the first kid on your block with the latest in technolothy.
  • Be proud of your family and your heritage.
  • Even if the words “I love you” skip a generation, the feelings don’t.
  • Give your children wings to follow their dreams and they’ll eventually fly home to you.
  • Ask challenging questions. If someone assumes you don’t want a birthday party say, “I don’t? Why don’t I?”
  • A good sense of humor is an important asset.
  • You can be grown with children of your own and still rely on your dad.