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I promised myself I wouldn’t get discouraged. I’d just knit through the wierdness that was coming out on my needles, and finally my mojo has found its way back to me!

I moved down a size and went to smaller needles and started out again. In an effort not to overwhelm myself, and perhaps for a bit of amusement, I frogged only one skein of yarn at a time from my massive Juliet Cardigan as I knit the new one. I immediately fell in love with the sweater all over again and actually liked it more with its tighter stitches. It was knitting up pretty fast and I was starting to feel much better about the whole fiasco. Especially when I compared the two tops and could see I was on the right track.

As usual it became a bit of an obsession – I was off work for a few vacation days and knitting so much that I actually had to take a break to give my hands a rest! Of course I went yarn store exploring – but by then I had a reason – I needed to find the perfect buttons! Knit Purl in Providence came through with these fantastic wooden buttons with pink in them.

Motivation, the return of my mojo, and rested fingers – yep I was ready for the home stretch. I breezed through the last few inches and sailed through making the button loops and sewing the buttons on – I was weaving ends as I went so that was done too. What do you know a perfect fit and a sweater that I’m thrilled with!

I’m back to loving knitting again. Of course now there are about a dozen projects I want to take on – but at least I have the confidence to do them now!