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Joriginal Beadwork

Jewelry Designer Joanna Werman showcases and offers her spectacular one of a kind beaded jewelry pieces on her website. www.joriginalbeadwork.com

Inside Out Acupuncture

Acupuncturist Michelle Rodriguez gives her clients a great overview of her practice and information about acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. www.insideoutacupuncture.com

Side Door Home Decor

This home decor showroom is always open and available for shoppers to check out the wide array of furniture, kitchens, flooring and services available.  www.sidedoorhomedecor.com

Lexi Viens

Interior Designer Lexi Viens uses his website to give future clients a sampling of his stunning contemporary design. www.lexiviens.com

Radio Brunch

The sister site to Delicious Living Nutrition, Nicole Cormier archives her weekly radio show so her listeners can never miss out. www.radiobrunch.com