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So here’s a brief insight into the way a virgo mind works. You blog, you make it part of your routine. Then you travel, so you blog in a different place to cover that time. Then you return and life gets busy – and you start to think of how you are going to get back to your original blog to cover your travels and how they related to your yarn. You continue to ponder all the proper ways to get this done, all the while your life becomes increasingly insane. You jot down ideas for posts, take photos, and find other worthwhile ways to procrastinate. Then you start a blog for your knitting group and contemplate just blogging over there instead – but decide that’s probably not the best thing either. Oh, and somewhere in those months, you and your long time significant other decide that being in our age range and using the boyfriend / girlfriend titles is just old and tired so you get married. Your virgo mind works overtime trying to figure out how to go back in time, remember what you were doing, and blog about it while backdating your posts and catching up on the 4 – 6 months that you stopped blogging. Finally you decide that its just not going to work – so you own up to the fact that life took over and you chose to do other things – assinging yourself the title of slacker and lazy (totally factoring out all of the things that DID get accomplished over the past 4-6 months).

So…I am now declaring my blog once again open for business – in case anyone missed me – and even if you didnt!