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While surfing I came across the new issue of Knitter’s, which had Cat Bordhi’s Spring Thaw Socks pattern in it. I have absolutely no idea why, but I became totally obsessed with knitting a pair. Knowing I would be traveling, I figured a pair of socks would be more portable and I just couldn’t put these in the queue – they had to be knit NOW!

Here’s when you know that you are ridiculously obsessed with a project. I started to knit my gauge swatch on Wednesday night – I was way over. Even moving down a size needle I was still way off. I had selected a yarn that I thought was the correct weight, but turns out it was double strand…oh well…off to the stash it goes. Most normal people would just put the project aside and wait until they got back to find the right yarn. Remember though, I’m obsessed, and these socks were screaming “make me” to me. I ran to KG Krafts in the morning as soon as I was finished packing so I could get replacement yarn and smaller needles to ensure I could get gauge. I make it back just in time to get my bags in the car and head to the airport (congrats to my boyfriend for not uttering a single word and just smiling as if he understood that I couldnt get on the plane without the correct knitting project).

Armed with some Red Heart Luster Sheen and a pair of size two circular needles I made yet another swatch – still too big. Down to the size ones, but luckily I had planned ahead and had them with me! Swatch complete its time to take on these socks. Turns out they are challenging me at every step!

These socks are made on 2 circular needles – new concept to me but hey I’ll try anything once (except maybe colorwork!) The cast on is “Judy’s Magic Cast on” similar to a turkish cast on I had pretty good success with before. It involves wrapping the yarn around both needles then knitting one side than the other. The instructions in the magazine are actually pretty detailed. Maybe it would have been easier if I had not been trying to cast on in the airport next to two small children whose mother had evidently never taught them about using their “indoor voices”, but if I want to be honest I’d just admit I was over thinking it…once I just “did it” it fit into place.

Onto to the next challenge – a chart! I have avoided charts since I started knitting – all those small boxes. Amazing that lines and lines of computer code dont phase me; I don’t blink and eye at complex recipes for intricate cooking dishes…but a simple knitting chart – well total fear to the point of walking away…until these socks! I’m all ready to take on the chart and wouldnt you know it I cant figure out the first stupid stitch – [k1 tbl, yo, k1 tbl in st]. Seriously – what is this? This is the part once again where I thank my lucky stitches for Ravelry! I put up a post, head out for a few hours and come back to find posts with interpretations and explanations – sure enough, one made perfect sense and I was over the hurdle. Remebering to knit through the back loop and a few more stitches to learn but I’m getting into this sock. I got more and more excited as my first leaf pattern started to appear – and looking like the photo no less!

I’m in the groove at this point, knitting my way back home just in time to start the second leaf which begins before the first one is done. Armed with two row counters I continue on my way.

Next challenge – turning the heel with wrap and turns – one more new thing to learn. Wrap and turn – seems so simple – and once again I have to stop over thinking it!

At this point I’m sighing a sigh of relief and still psyched to keep going. I’m understanding why socks become their own addiction.