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When choosing my name for Ravelry (which of course led to this blog) – I went to my oldest daughter who works in advertising and marketing to come up with something catchy and fun – it took her about a minute to come up with “FredHatesString” which still makes me laugh.

Fred is our black cat – he was a stray that found us about 3 weeks after we moved into our new place. It started out that he would come up and tentatively eat the tuna or cat food that I put out for him while keeping a safe distance. Eventually he let me pat him after he ate, and then soon enough he was sitting on my lap as we took in the view of the lake each evening. We didnt bring him in the house at first, that would go against our deciding not to have pets in the new place. However, I admit it – I’m a sap – I’m a total sucker for a cute cat face – and having the best boyfriend in the world, he let me be a sucker. So now we have Fred the indoor cat, who being an former all outside kitty really has no use for those bright shiny cat toys or yarn, or string of any kind.

The cat truly amuses me – especially last night when with his choice of one knitting project on dangling circular needles, one crochet project have in a state of unravel, and one crochet project in progress with an attached dancing ball of yarn, Fred decides that the Hamburger on the Bon Appetit Magazine is just way more to his liking….