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Made a recent visit to The Yarn Shop in Uxbridge, MA… (awesome shop if you find yourself in Uxbridge – although I havent figured out what else is in Uxbridge except the Yarn Shop – so put it on your list and make a trip

Anyway – this was framed by the register and gave us quite a good laugh. (quick google helped me find this and give proper credit to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s “At Knit’s End, Meditation for women who knit too much”)

5 Reasons to Hoard Yarn:

1. If you get enough of it, yarn can act as house insulation. 

2. Yarns get discontinued. Think about that, then buy accordingly.

3. Nobody is ever going to understand how seriously you take knitting if you don´t have lots of yarn as proof.

4. Yarn has absolutely no expiration date.

5. Hairless cats appeared in Toronto in 1963. What if that happens to sheep? What if it spreads? What if all that is left in the world is what you have?

I could probably come up with another 5 reasons – who am I kidding, every obsessed knitter could come up with at least another 5 – feel free to comment and share yours!