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I woke up this morning feeling totally triumphant. Last night I finished my Cardigan. The colinette giotto found its way home with me 3 years ago already I think. I started out with a garter stitch tank top. My second try at this pattern by the way (a mistake I wont make again). I just never liked the way the thing knit up. I put it aside twice and picked it up because I loved the yarn – not the pattern.

I finally admitted I just hated the way it was looking….and frogged the whole thing right back onto the winder. OK now what to do with enough once knitted giotto for a sweater. Special thanks to Susan at Black Sheep Knitting who directed me to the new colinette giotto book, and to the justine pattern. Given, this was supposed to be a short sleeve cropped top sweater, but changing a pattern never stopped me before.

I do believe that there is something with this yarn though – it took on a life of its own, taunting me ever so slightly. Pushing me put it back into its place…Knitting, ripping, knitting again, then trying to figure out how the pieces went together. I admit that this was NOT one of the easier projects I’ve taken on, but I loved it just the same.

Last night I pieced together the last seam and sewed on all my fantastic buttons…

I write this as it sits in the sink soaking off all of the years of being carried around while it was being constructed, feeling gloriously victorious!