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So I’m in this new mindset lately. I was always one of those knitters who had at most 2 projects on the needles at a time. Usually one bigger one, and one portable one; or at the very least one more portable than the other. It was always good enough -and one project would generally decide it had to be finished first so I’d just concentrate on that one.

OK, so here I am at this new stage in life, enjoying my lack of structure. Maybe this is why all of a sudden I have, for lack of a better term, knitting A.D.D. It started after I finished my cardigan. I looked at my nice organized stash – a little closet with all my fibers properly divided into clear plastic bags. I couldnt decide what to work on first. I opted for my art yarns top – after all, I had wanted to do this pattern for a really long time. I got a good start on it only to decide that I had to also start the bamboo project I found on my recent trip to Bella Yarns. After all that was going to be two color so it would be a different challenge. I fully admit to now losing control – and casting on a cotton shell I’ve knit before but wanted to do again. What on earth is going on? Exactly why do I need three sweaters going at once?!?

You know three sweaters would probably be ok, but now lets count the smaller projects shall we? There’s the mango moon bag, a felted bobble basket, and yes, my wonderful boyfriend wore out his slippers and wants another pair (ok truthfully this is probably one of the best compliments I could ever get as a knitter – my “I dont like or wear sweaters” boyfriend actually asked me to knit him something.

OK so that 6 projects on the needles as I sit here typing. Enough right? One would think so? I can actually justify most of it – the art yarns silk is good to work on when I feel like paying attention and counting stitches; the alchemy bamboo is a cable project; the cotton is good ole stockinette so its mindless, but then again, the bag and the basket is mindless too and the slippers are…well they’re almost finished so they dont count. Someone please tell me why, even as I sit here typing about the obsession that is my knitting habit I am still actually thinking about casting on a pair of socks? Seriously this is the coolest thing – its flat yarn that you knit into socks…

I think I’ve taken this lack of structure in my life a bit too far, although I could play devils advocate and say I’m structuring my knitting moods. I though perhaps a good blog entry would force me to take a step back and realize I’ve gone a bit overboard. Perhaps it has…or perhaps I’m going to sit in my stash closet and enjoy all the possibilities!