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I was so excited to find someplace close to home… what a royal disappointment!

I went to the Yarn Shop armed with a few projects in tow. I spoke to the woman there (I’m quite sure she was the owner) explaining that I had moved in September, that I had been knitting for years and that I was looking for someplace close to my new home. You’d think that she would be welcoming. Nope – call me childish (perhaps spoiled by the lovely ladies at black sheep knitting), but I think knitters need validation, and I got zero – none – nada! No commentary on the project I had with me, no welcoming, no “we have classes” – not a thing to entice me to shop there.

In spite of myself I bought some yarn – a show of knitter patron good faith perhaps? and decided it must be that she was having a bad day.

I returned a few weeks later, figuring I must have been wrong. How could I not like the shop that was so close to me now. There was a decent selection of yarns, I could make it home…

Let me just say that this woman wouldnt know how to welcome someone if you handed her a script and told her what inflection to use when reciting the words.

My opinion – stay away, there is no yarn worth the trip here. Not even if they’re the only one to have what you’re looking for in the state – find it on the net and pay the shipping. Better yet, spend another few dollars in gas and drive to one of the other shops a bit further down the road.

The Yarn Shop
250 E Main St
Norton, MA 02766