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And the moral of the story is

There are some weeks that I sit not quite sure what to blog – but really wanting to share something to give those of you who didnt make it on a Wednesday night or those of you who are still thinking about coming to meet us a flavor of what happened. Then there are other days where I think to myself – oooo blog post!

First off let me say that it has become quite clear to many of us that Wednesday nights have become almost mandatory. The idea of hanging with the ladies and laughing, or being silly, or even sitting back and just absorbing everything provides us with a real break from the rest of our lives that just feeds your soul. How do I know this? Well Julz came without knitting this week – just to hang – fear not, I corrected the situation by promptly tossing my clapotis at her and telling her go ahead knit a row or two. Coming without knitting is not unusual anymore. Face it, we’ve all discovered that working on anything complicated while we make each other laugh is just a recipe for tinking and frogging when you get home….so time and time again we prove that its about the group dynamic. I’m thinking SnB is therapy…with a little knitting thrown in.

I cant remember too many of the specifics from Wednesday – and some were just too innuendo laden or outright crass to blog….we were in particularly rare form…I’m guessing we’ve gotten so good at knowing how each others minds work that it was almost funnier to let the straight lines just hang…that in and of itself seemed to keep most of us in near hysterics for the evening.

Each week several of us will have a story to share – some knitting – some not. The act of sharing is after all a bonding experience, not to mention it always makes you feel better about your own life when other people deal with crap that is either embarrassing, frustrating or just ridiculous. So in that spirit, I share with you here in cyber snb land – perhaps knowing what you are missing will serve as inspiration to get you to the Sand Bar on a Wednesday – (or make you run for the hills)

I will begin by saying that I have been working on my sherbert modified clapotis feverishly – purchasing the yarn last year at Rheinbeck, I really wanted to use it for something. It’s totally neon – I believe Melissa termed it carebear on crack colors. I modified the regular clapotis pattern to make it a little thinner because I only had the one skein and happily knit away.

Thursday night is one of my favorite TV nights – good knitting time dont you know. I got home from work on Thursday and got dinner started – freak out time – none of the electric starters on my gas stove were working. Well this isnt good – I’m all about cooking and now I had to light the burners by hand. OK, no panic, until I went to turn the fan on. Nope thats not working either…WTF?? Quick call to Jennair customer service. I spoke to a very cool woman named Leylani no not Hawaii …..from West Virginia, freakish name / accent combination but I digress. I discover that unlike for example a garbage disposal there is no reset switch. Well this blows but I’ll call the appliance repair guy in the morning and I manage to pull of this amazing chicken with chive sauce for dinner.

Friday morning I call the local appliance place and discover that there is no central internal fuse in the cooktop. They tell me it is suspect that both the starters and the downdraft are out. Yes I’ve already checked all the circuit breakers last night. Smart appliance people say – try plugging a hair dryer in the cooktop outlet and see if it works – nope it doesnt – thanks Ray’s appliance for saving me a service call by helping me figure the problem has to be electrical.

Next call to the electrician. The regular guy doesnt have any time til next week, well that does not make me happy. I’m now all about googling to find someone who will come out the same day. Yay, and success, they’ll be here this afternoon. Dont worry – I’m almost at the end…and the moral

Remember Thursday night is good knitting night and I finished my clapotis (with I kid you not 1 inch of yarn left – and it is not because I was skillful at estimating).

So proud of my accomplishment I set out to block my new creation. I pull out a towel and my iron and plug it into the kitchen outlet right next to the cooktop. Whats this???? The iron isn’t getting hot? The outlet isn’t ground fault – hmmm but the one next to it is….click…reset… The iron goes on and my brain starts to race. It couldnt be that easy could it? I plug the cooktop back in and turn the fan switch Woooossssshhhh on it goes. Try a burner next…click click then it lights. Woo freakin hoo…its all working! Quick call to the electrician to explain and manage to cancel the service appointment in time avoiding the fee. Mind you that is two avoided service calls today which I could easily translate into found money and a justified yarn purchase. All is well that ends well….and what the hell is the moral of the story you ask?

Simple – ALWAYS block your knitting!

Just say no to poppy socks

I totally owned my sock obsession.  Dove in with gusto and both feet (oooh a pun).  With it has come hours (more than I want to admit) on ravelry looking for fun socks to help make my 12 pairs in 12 months goal.  I came accross the Poppy Socks pattern and went nuts over it.  Such a great pattern it immediately went to the top of my queue.  The first challenge was to find the right gauge yarn – it was almost laughable that with all the sock yarn I’m accumulating of late that there was not ONE 9 stitches to the inch.  Supposedly it’s fingering weight but I think its really more toward lace weight.  A trip down to Knit-Purl in sudbury and I found the most beautiful Ella Rae Lace Merino.

I’m always telling people at SnB to do a gauge swatch – as much as a pain in the royal ass as it is.  So I diligently gauged this one and was happy to find that I was on target with size 2 needles.  Looking through the pattern I knew there would be a ton to learn with these socks.  So armed with my laptop I set out to tackle my poppy socks!

Hitting row 2 was the first challenge – k2 cc, p2 mc – swapping back and forth between contrast and main colors.  I’ve had a tiny bit of experience with this when I did my cuff on the watergarden shrug, and set out to tackle 2 handed knitting.  Holding the contrast color in one hand and the main color in the other – I knit the stitches in English method using my right hand and purled using Continental method using my left hand.  Actually this is pretty simple and I got right into the swing of it and quickly through the 5 rows calle for.Poppy Socks Bobble Row

Now onto the Bobble row – ok so the last time I did bobbles they were a miserable failure.  (Even the felting didnt eliminate that failure!)  These made more sense and I’m a bit more daring now so I was convinced I could handle them.  After a few bobbles which include k5, turn, p5, turn, k5 I figured it was a great time to learn backwards knitting and try and eliminate all of the juggling and yarn tangles that were showing up.  I found several tutorials that made sense, but I think the best one was Knitting Backwards on my old standby of

Bobble row completed I started on the pattern.  Yet another learning opportunity – how to deal with the strands.  I found two great tutorials online one step by step: and this awesome video: Knitting in hand, laptop in front of me, I managed to really get the whole two handed two color thing and was on my way.

About half a poppy pattern through I started to worry about size – would this really fit?  I swatched – but that sneaking feeling that they werent quite right.  Trying to get the inch or so over my foot confirmed that gauge or no gauge these socks would be too tight… I fought being discouraged and went about the big frog.  I told myself that it was ok because I could just practice all that I had learned again and really get it right.  Once more I start on bigger needles.  I actually surprise myself and get back to where I was in only a few hours (over two days).  Onward!Poppy Socks

I’m motivated and moving along at a really good clip – these socks are so so pretty.  I’ve got the hang of the two colors, carefully not making my strands too long, and not pulling too tight.  I try the sock on and its fitting well.  The heel went really well – and the pattern was easily managed.  Still fitting as I go…I feel like I’m sailing through the pattern and am thrilled to get to the toe.  Everything still fits great.

How hard can the toe be?  The toe is a series of more popies.  Not difficult pattern wise, and I didnt think I was pulling too tight – but I get about half way through the toe and decide to try – my suspicions again correct the toe just feels funny and too tight.  Frog frog frog…at least it was only a half of the toe.  Lets adjust once more, the pattern calls to go to a smaller needle on the toe – I opt not to and reknit…I get to the end and try again…nope still dreadful.  Hmmm pattern modification again – instead of the stranding which seems to be choking my toes, I continue the pretty pattern of the heel all the way through until the end.  Beautiful sock…finally finished and ready to try…gotta tell you…this is probably one of the most beautiful socks I’ve ever seen…but it is also the most uncomfortable sock I’ve ever tried on!

Can you hear me screaming from where you read?  This sock has pretty much done me in.  What would normally be just second sock syndrome for this pair is instead a F*ck the second sock syndrome.  There is absolutely no reason on this earth that I will ever even consider making the mate to this sock.  Not only that – it has pretty much killed my pair of socks a month goal –

I admit that I learned TONS making this sock – and thats always a good thing.  But color me (nice pun huh) totally unenthused with socks for the moment – the poppy socks were a total buzz kill.  Now the question of what to do with just one sock other than admire it every once in a while hangs.

Finished Poppy Sock

Oh well…next project please!

Love the sweater…hate the pattern

I think the last time I knit something for my oldest daughter she was probably 4, about the same time she fell in love with the purple leather skirt I bought her and became a fashion diva (in the cutest sense of the word), but as she grew and loved her fashion trends knit garmets weren’t usually part of the formula.  It’s become quite the joke between us.  Finally,  to my delight, she asked me to knit her a sweater.

Wrapped CardiganWe spent hours going through photos and magazines and patterns until she picked the one she she wanted. Of course like everything I knit, we needed a few modifications – a little longer and dont attach the tie – actually less modifications than I usually wind up making in a lot of things I knit.  Then it became a matter of finding the perfect yarn.  The goal was a true navy, finally found in Adrienne Vittadini at Sakonnet Purls – on sale no less!  Fantastic!

So other than a random cable here and there I’ve never taken on a “cable knit” sweater, let alone one that was entirely cables – ahhh the combination of mothers love and aspirations of being a totally fearless knitter threw me right over the edge.  For the record, I toyed with the idea of learning how to knit cables without the cable needle on this project and quickly gave up on that whole notion…that having stitches off the neede as an actual part of the process was just too much!  Once I got the hang of the pattern it actually went fairly quickly and I was thrilled by the way the yarn knit up.  The stitches really show and the garmet is going to be amazingly soft.

Cardigan BackThe back went pretty well and everything seemed to fall right into place.  The bonus was it knit up pretty fast considering that my usual other project is a pair of socks on tiny needles!  So on to the front sides.  For the life of me I dont understand how some of the patterns are written! Why can’t it just be straight forward. I’m pretty good at interpreting patterns, but this was just confusing from the start.  I’m totally struggling with it – every time I think I make sense of how it should work, it doesnt stay that way!

I’ve managed to keep to keep the pattern going, but I hate feeling like the first and last few stitches of every row may or may not be right!   Arrgh so much for “incorporate each stitch into the pattern as you add it” or something like that.   Usually most patterns make sense to me even if you take it row by row as you go…Knitters frustration at its worst!  I love the way the sweater is coming out, but I am just hating the pattern!!!

So on a visit home this weekend Steph poked fun at me asking why her sweater wasnt finished – and that of course it would be challenging, after all it was for her!  I held up the back and it really will be a beautiful fit.  She really likes the way its coming out – Motivated I jumped right back in and finished the right front, but there was definite swearing under my breath!  So at this point I’m moving onto the sleeves hoping that this part of the pattern will make more sense!

Left and Right Fronts

Left and Right Fronts

I’m waiting for that fantastic sense of accomplishment at finishing a garmet that realy challenges me, especially on this sweater because I will have totally earned it!

Socks, socks and more socks

The more socks I knit, the more I like the whole sock project concept. They’re portable, relatively quick to finish and I discover that depending on the pattern you can learn all sorts of little techniques when you do socks to add to your knitting repertoire. Not to mention that putting on a pair of hand knit socks just makes you feel happy. I read somewhere it’s like wearing expensive luxurious lingerie – perhaps no one sees it, but you do feel special having it on.

Bubble Wrap Socks
pattern by sockbug, (free on ravelry)
knit in cascade heritage

two at a time on magic loop

I fell in love with this yarn when Dee and I were baby girl yarn shopping. The yarn was soft and had a nice squish to it. The colors weren’t something most people would put together right off the bat, but to me they just made sense

I’ve made socks that had a pattern in them before but often the yarn seemed to take over and the pattern itself got lost. This stitch pattern was a simple repeat and I could easily knit these two at a time. The bubble wrap pattern really showed up beautifully in the aqua that the foot was knit in.

These socks are warm and really comfortable.

Circle Socks
pattern by Anne Campbell, (free on ravelry)
knit in Chestnut
Bay Fibers Sock yarn
two at a time on magic loop

Finding kindred sock knitters at our Taunton Stitch ‘n Bitch was so easy – who am I kidding they’re guilty of feeding my sock obsession to the point that I can’t imagine not having a pair of socks on the needles at all times. We decided that we should start a sock KAL – after all addiction is at its best when shared with your friends. Wendy, Cheryl and I decided to take on the Circle socks – this pattern begged to be knit with a crazy variegated yarn. The green and purple just jumped at me on a trip to Black Sheep Knitting and it screamed so loudly it barely spent any time in my stash before it got on a pair of needles. The pattern itself looks much more complex than it really is and it was so much fun to see the different dimensions of the circles take shape.

Wendy, Cheryl and I were headed off on a yarn crawl one week
shortly after finishing our socks and discovered we were all proudly wearing them the same day – birds of a feather huh?!

Bosnian Toes & Turkish Heels
pattern by Lucy Neatby, Knitters Magazine Fall 2008 knit in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock

I went nuts when I saw this pattern in Knitters. I didnt care what it took I had to try them. Thankfully I convinced Wendy and Cheryl to join me on my journey into sock insanity. This was not an easy pattern at all. The holes are made by pulling several stitches over one stitch. It took a bit of work to figure out how to get them looking like holes instead of smushed up blobs. My other issue was with what size to make. This was also my first experience with size zero needles – a bit of a challeng in and of itself.

After a few false starts I was on my way and once I was on my way. While there was absolutely no possibility of knitting these two at a time, when I finally figured out the pattern it went pretty fast. Cheryl modified the pattern and added one more repeat of circles to add to the length – I did the same thing and am glad that I did. I adore the way they came out – but there is very little give to the yarn and getting the heel on is kind of a pain becuase they’re tight – once on though they’re super comfortable.

2009 Personal Sock Challenge
I’ve decided that I’m taking my love of sock knitting seriously for the new year. I’m going to shoot for a pair of socks a month. My Bosnian Toes and Turkish Heels put me in the mood as they were started and finished in the month of January – so off I go!

February begins our basic sock KAL for the Taunton SnB and I’m right on schedule with pair two for the year. Stay tuned!

So just what have I been knitting anyway

I have this grand idea that I can knit as fast as I can accumulate yarn in my stash. I look back and say to myself – gee look at all you’ve done over the past several months – and then I open the closet that is lovingly organized with all my yarns and realize I can’t knit fast enough to support my stash building habit. Luckily I know enough knitters who share this affliction so the guilt is fleeting.

So just what have I been knitting (and finished) anyway?

Jag’s Hat and Sweater
Realizing how much fun knitting small things was and hearing from a friend that her son didnt have a grandmother who knit for him I set out to knit a darling little hat for Jagger that his mom fell in love with from itty bitty hats. We had so much fun choosing the yarn. It didnt take very long at all which of course fed my love for immediate gratification. There was so much yarn left that I just had to mimic the stripes and make a scarf to match.

Of course the best part of the project was getting this adorable photo.

Telullah Georgia’s Baby Sweater
Next up on the active projects was a baby sweater for my friend Dee’s baby due to arrive this winter. The day that Dee found out she was carrying a girl we ran to the yarn shop to pick out girl patterns and yarns. Despite Dee’s obsession with all things pink, she selected this beautiful variegated lilac, mint and blue dreambaby dk. So soft. The pattern was a lovely cardigan with a peter pan collar – oh so proper don’t you know – I mean Dee is British after all. While knitting this sweater, my internal battle of “is it too small”, vs. “I want the baby to have an Auntie Heléne sweater right away” kept repeating in my head. I stuck to my size 0 – 3 months and found that all the pieces all knit up pretty fast. I loved working on it. Sewing it together however, was another story – Yikes how many freaking seams do you have to mattress stitch on this thing. It was totally endless – but not as endless as Dee’s pregnancy started to feel to me (and to her of course!) – I was so excited for this little baby to get here. My finished sweater sat neatly in its little bag, waiting for me to sew the buttons on – that way it was still a work in progress don’t you know.

Georgia Mae arrived earlier this month (formally changing her name from Telullah – her in-utero name). Showing me instantly that she shared her mothers obvious wit and sarcasm by mocking my inner voice that worried about sweater size and weighing in at a delightful 9 pounds 3 ounces and measuring 22 inches in length – now thats a baby! Immediately in love I couldnt wait to see it on her. Ok I admit to being very relieved too – she still has room to grow in it for a little while (very little I’m sure) – way too cute – there will be more knitting for this child!

Princess Mitts
While poking through my stash I came accorss the Freedom Spirit yarn I purchased last fall
promising to make myself some fingerless gloves. I loved the yarn, and the princess mitts pattern deciding it had been years since I did a cable and it was time to give it another shot. I admit that I am living in these things this year. I live that I can still have access to my fingers, I also admit to being just too damn lazy to even think about wanting to take on a pair of gloves.

Watchcaps and Fingerless Gloves
So Bruce is one of those men that doesnt wear sweaters – which made having to deal with that whole boyfriend sweater curse thing much easier (for those non knitters the curse says once you knit your boyfriend a sweater he’ll break up with you). He does on the other hand wear hats. I always feel a bit badly that he never wants anything knit for him and constantly ask if he’s sure there is othing he wants. Finally, he told me I could knit him a hat to keep in his truck. The Marsan watchcap was perfect, as was the ultra alpaca that I chose.

He proudly wears his hat over when we went for dinner at his kids – and his grandson, Tyler promptly swipes the hat deciding that it is the perfect costume accessory to be a ninja. It was clear Tyler had no intention of surrendering the hat, so I told him that if he promised to wear the hat to keep him warm, and not just for ninja acivities that he could keep it. I love this kid – his response which was, ok, but I need matching gloves like the ones you have too! I couldnt say no and found a great pattern for fingerless mitts to complete the set. I’m happy to say I see Tyler wearing everything all the time.

Of course I had to replace the hijacked (or would that be ninjajacked hat). I start out on Bruce’s second hat. Mid cap, Bruce decides to propse and we run off and elope. The cap wasnt finished until he was my husband and therefore has interesting history attached to it. We have now totally eliminated the whole boyfriend knitting issue entirely – but he still doesnt wear sweaters.

Weekend Jacket
I havent only worked on smaller projects over the past few months. My biggest project completed so far has been a weekend jacket that I saw in Knit ‘n Style this winter. I had finally found the perfect simple jacket to edge with the Prism Cool Stuff that I had spent a small fortune on over the summer. I discovered this awesome soft Berocco Cuzco yarn that I knew would be warm and best of all wouldnt even hint at itching. The obvious challenge was seeing all the stitches in the black yarn – the pattern was this modified seed stitch where every other row was just a purl row. Simple enough in theory but I swear this is the project that threw me over the edge into needing reading glasses on most of the time now when I knit (stupid 4o something eyes). I’m crazy over the edges with the cool stuff – although I still have a ton more of it and once again have to find the right pattern for it. I’m really happy with the way this came out and am anxiously waiting for the weather to be a bit warmer so I can put it to good use.

Well at least now I feel like I’ve caught up in preserving my projects for blog posterity as thats the recap of whats been on the needles…well not including socks. You see socks have become a a sub obsession of my general knitting obsession, so much so that they will require a post all thir own.

Back to Blogging

So here’s a brief insight into the way a virgo mind works. You blog, you make it part of your routine. Then you travel, so you blog in a different place to cover that time. Then you return and life gets busy – and you start to think of how you are going to get back to your original blog to cover your travels and how they related to your yarn. You continue to ponder all the proper ways to get this done, all the while your life becomes increasingly insane. You jot down ideas for posts, take photos, and find other worthwhile ways to procrastinate. Then you start a blog for your knitting group and contemplate just blogging over there instead – but decide that’s probably not the best thing either. Oh, and somewhere in those months, you and your long time significant other decide that being in our age range and using the boyfriend / girlfriend titles is just old and tired so you get married. Your virgo mind works overtime trying to figure out how to go back in time, remember what you were doing, and blog about it while backdating your posts and catching up on the 4 – 6 months that you stopped blogging. Finally you decide that its just not going to work – so you own up to the fact that life took over and you chose to do other things – assinging yourself the title of slacker and lazy (totally factoring out all of the things that DID get accomplished over the past 4-6 months).

So…I am now declaring my blog once again open for business – in case anyone missed me – and even if you didnt!

Fast Project Fun

Maybe it was the knit, frog and rekint of my last project that just put me craving a few fast projects. Maybe it was looking at all the new yarn purchases and what was in my stash but I hit a no attention span knitting stage.

First up was a hat for my daughter Nicki. She had found this yarn a few months ago with the intention of knitting a bag – but her love for knitting is far overshadowed by her love for photography (more info in the life and humor section of my website). There was no way that I could let this luscious sheep shop yarn just sit, especially since Nicki thought a Tam would be a perfect hat for her to have now that she is living in New York City. This was done in a few days and a joy to work on. I’m anxious to get a photo of her wearing it – but this will do for now.

At the same time I’ve been working on a little sailboat sweater for Maria’s son Logan who is due this winter. I havent had too much experience with baby clothes and I’m really getting a fast appreciation for them. They’re so cute, and fast because they’re so little – talk about gratification. This is just about done (but I took this photo last week when I wasnt as far along), need to finish sewing and do the collar.

I would have been done with this but I got sidetracked with a pair of socks. I should remind myself to always have socks on the needles – they’re such a great portable and quick project. I’ve had this sockotta in my stash for a while and was anxious to try it as I hadnt worked with self patterning yarn before. It didnt occur to me to try and match up the yarn before, probably because I didnt know how the stripes would knit up. After a few rows on the toe, I adjusted the yarn to get the colors to match up. I started out strong, took a bit of a break (getting that 5 or so inches on the foot done seemed to take forever) but once I got going again I didnt want to pick anything else up. Love the way they came out!
Now that they’re done I’ll finish Logan’s sweater!

Last on the needles in the quick projects category is a Loopy and Luscious Scarf. On my last series of yarn crawls I fell in love with some Be Sweet Magic ball and mohair – the colors and feel were just soft and dreamy. I couldnt resist – and while I’m thrilled with the way this is coming out, I am reminded why I swore off of mohair after a kid silk haze experience several years ago. Uggh! thin thin yarn on big big needles – I’m insane but I really like it. It will just be one of those pick up when I really feel like it projects.
I have a ton more little projects in my sites – this quick gratification thing isnt to bad!

Late Summer Yarn Crawls

It doesnt seem to matter how much is in my stash, or how many projects are on the needles, the prospect of yarn shopping is always something I’m up for. Exploring new shops is still one of my favorite adventures. I’m always looking to see what people have to say about where they go – so allow me to contribute to the community with my experiences.

Fabric Place in Framingham
I’ve been here a few times before I moved, but for some reason never really remembered it as a yarn destination – I may not have been alone, as the word is out that they are closing. Maggie and Dee and I headed over to see what deals may be around. Truly a shame that it wont be around much longer because there really was a good selection of yarns. The only drawback was a lack of sales help with knowledge of the department. Of course I made a few purchases:

Berroco Cotton Twist in totally my colors
no clue what it will be, but when has that stopped me!

I also picked up some really beautiful Sirdar Snuggly and the cutest sailboat sweater pattern for Maria’s baby Logan who is due this winter.

The deals there will only get better as they get ready to close – what a shame.

We did try to head over to Knitting Pointers in Milford on a detour toward home, but missed it being open by about 10 minutes. I had been before briefly, it was a nice little shop, but want to explore it again.

Next detour that we missed at the mercy of the clock was The Yarn Shop in Uxbridge – this place just looked fantastic. So good that Dee and I wound up driving back out there a few days later (Maggie – I swear I am really really sorry!!!!!!)

Uxbridge is the home of Berroco, and this store had a really great selection of it. They weren’t limited to Berroco – they had a really nice range in everything from sock to chunky yarns. Totally worth the out of the way drive. The owner was friendly and helpful, while still giving us lots of room to explore on our own.

I couldnt leave without some more baby yarn – this time for the baby girl Dee is having in the winter.

Plymouth Dream Baby

The plan is to combine it with this Berroco Comfort DK. How adorable will this be!

I couldn’t resist this Cascade Heritage sock yarn. It was so soft.

May be a strange combination but I’m thinking of using them together in a pair of socks

Finally I picked up this Lang Yarns Nubia – it just felt so rich and perfect for a fall sweater.

The last stop on my latest string of yarn crawling was The Beauty of Yarn in Providence. A little tiny shop but with a nice selection of yarns and accessories. I got a really warm welcome from the owner who was willing to answer questions or let me explore on my own without pressure either way. This shop had a few yarns I hadnt seen elsewhere, things like the jelly yarn that was all the rage to knit up bags. She also had some really different colors (brighter and even a few that were almost neon). There were some really interesting projects knit up that were not standard for yarn shops including a wide brimmed summer hat and bathing suit. I did pick up a bit of Knitting Fever Paillette on sale that I know will be the perfect accent to something one of these days.
As usual, each purchase left me more inspired to go start some sort of new project – which explains the 5 projects now on needles.

Yarn crawling has left me with one question though – why are so many yarn stores not opened past 4:00 o’clock; why do so many close early on Saturdays or not open at all on Sundays? Is it just me or does it seem really silly? Anyone?

My Mojo has returned!

I promised myself I wouldn’t get discouraged. I’d just knit through the wierdness that was coming out on my needles, and finally my mojo has found its way back to me!

I moved down a size and went to smaller needles and started out again. In an effort not to overwhelm myself, and perhaps for a bit of amusement, I frogged only one skein of yarn at a time from my massive Juliet Cardigan as I knit the new one. I immediately fell in love with the sweater all over again and actually liked it more with its tighter stitches. It was knitting up pretty fast and I was starting to feel much better about the whole fiasco. Especially when I compared the two tops and could see I was on the right track.

As usual it became a bit of an obsession – I was off work for a few vacation days and knitting so much that I actually had to take a break to give my hands a rest! Of course I went yarn store exploring – but by then I had a reason – I needed to find the perfect buttons! Knit Purl in Providence came through with these fantastic wooden buttons with pink in them.

Motivation, the return of my mojo, and rested fingers – yep I was ready for the home stretch. I breezed through the last few inches and sailed through making the button loops and sewing the buttons on – I was weaving ends as I went so that was done too. What do you know a perfect fit and a sweater that I’m thrilled with!

I’m back to loving knitting again. Of course now there are about a dozen projects I want to take on – but at least I have the confidence to do them now!

Five Reasons to Hoard Yarn

Made a recent visit to The Yarn Shop in Uxbridge, MA… (awesome shop if you find yourself in Uxbridge – although I havent figured out what else is in Uxbridge except the Yarn Shop – so put it on your list and make a trip

Anyway – this was framed by the register and gave us quite a good laugh. (quick google helped me find this and give proper credit to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s “At Knit’s End, Meditation for women who knit too much”)

5 Reasons to Hoard Yarn:

1. If you get enough of it, yarn can act as house insulation. 

2. Yarns get discontinued. Think about that, then buy accordingly.

3. Nobody is ever going to understand how seriously you take knitting if you don´t have lots of yarn as proof.

4. Yarn has absolutely no expiration date.

5. Hairless cats appeared in Toronto in 1963. What if that happens to sheep? What if it spreads? What if all that is left in the world is what you have?

I could probably come up with another 5 reasons – who am I kidding, every obsessed knitter could come up with at least another 5 – feel free to comment and share yours!