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Love the sweater…hate the pattern

I think the last time I knit something for my oldest daughter she was probably 4, about the same time she fell in love with the purple leather skirt I bought her and became a fashion diva (in the cutest sense of the word), but as she grew and loved her fashion trends knit garmets weren’t usually part of the formula.  It’s become quite the joke between us.  Finally,  to my delight, she asked me to knit her a sweater.

Wrapped CardiganWe spent hours going through photos and magazines and patterns until she picked the one she she wanted. Of course like everything I knit, we needed a few modifications – a little longer and dont attach the tie – actually less modifications than I usually wind up making in a lot of things I knit.  Then it became a matter of finding the perfect yarn.  The goal was a true navy, finally found in Adrienne Vittadini at Sakonnet Purls – on sale no less!  Fantastic!

So other than a random cable here and there I’ve never taken on a “cable knit” sweater, let alone one that was entirely cables – ahhh the combination of mothers love and aspirations of being a totally fearless knitter threw me right over the edge.  For the record, I toyed with the idea of learning how to knit cables without the cable needle on this project and quickly gave up on that whole notion…that having stitches off the neede as an actual part of the process was just too much!  Once I got the hang of the pattern it actually went fairly quickly and I was thrilled by the way the yarn knit up.  The stitches really show and the garmet is going to be amazingly soft.

Cardigan BackThe back went pretty well and everything seemed to fall right into place.  The bonus was it knit up pretty fast considering that my usual other project is a pair of socks on tiny needles!  So on to the front sides.  For the life of me I dont understand how some of the patterns are written! Why can’t it just be straight forward. I’m pretty good at interpreting patterns, but this was just confusing from the start.  I’m totally struggling with it – every time I think I make sense of how it should work, it doesnt stay that way!

I’ve managed to keep to keep the pattern going, but I hate feeling like the first and last few stitches of every row may or may not be right!   Arrgh so much for “incorporate each stitch into the pattern as you add it” or something like that.   Usually most patterns make sense to me even if you take it row by row as you go…Knitters frustration at its worst!  I love the way the sweater is coming out, but I am just hating the pattern!!!

So on a visit home this weekend Steph poked fun at me asking why her sweater wasnt finished – and that of course it would be challenging, after all it was for her!  I held up the back and it really will be a beautiful fit.  She really likes the way its coming out – Motivated I jumped right back in and finished the right front, but there was definite swearing under my breath!  So at this point I’m moving onto the sleeves hoping that this part of the pattern will make more sense!

Left and Right Fronts

Left and Right Fronts

I’m waiting for that fantastic sense of accomplishment at finishing a garmet that realy challenges me, especially on this sweater because I will have totally earned it!

When bad stitches happen to good knitters

Admitting you have a problem is the first step right? How about admitting you screwed up one side of a cardigan? Why does this feel like some tragic embarrassment?

I was so excited to finish and put my Justine Cardigan together. Mind you this used to be a tank top that I frogged. I rewound the beautiful giotto yarn, all excited to make something that I really liked instead of the half a tank that sat in my stash for over a year.

All was fine until I laid it out to pin. Seriously – what was I thinking? I had knit a left side armhole into both front sides of the cardigan. How does one not notice this??? I would have taken a photo of it to post, but a reminder of this is not something I want to have – I’m writing about it – isnt that enough?

The pieces of the sweater including the offensive front sat in a pile looking very perfect to the innocent observer. Only I knew the secret. It took 4 days, but I finally ripped out the top half. Perhaps I’ll sit and work on it tonight again.

In the meantime I’ve just about finished a purse and a felted basket – small projects to boost my confidence again perhaps? Who knows…but I will get this cardigan done!