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It doesnt seem to matter how much is in my stash, or how many projects are on the needles, the prospect of yarn shopping is always something I’m up for. Exploring new shops is still one of my favorite adventures. I’m always looking to see what people have to say about where they go – so allow me to contribute to the community with my experiences.

Fabric Place in Framingham
I’ve been here a few times before I moved, but for some reason never really remembered it as a yarn destination – I may not have been alone, as the word is out that they are closing. Maggie and Dee and I headed over to see what deals may be around. Truly a shame that it wont be around much longer because there really was a good selection of yarns. The only drawback was a lack of sales help with knowledge of the department. Of course I made a few purchases:

Berroco Cotton Twist in totally my colors
no clue what it will be, but when has that stopped me!

I also picked up some really beautiful Sirdar Snuggly and the cutest sailboat sweater pattern for Maria’s baby Logan who is due this winter.

The deals there will only get better as they get ready to close – what a shame.

We did try to head over to Knitting Pointers in Milford on a detour toward home, but missed it being open by about 10 minutes. I had been before briefly, it was a nice little shop, but want to explore it again.

Next detour that we missed at the mercy of the clock was The Yarn Shop in Uxbridge – this place just looked fantastic. So good that Dee and I wound up driving back out there a few days later (Maggie – I swear I am really really sorry!!!!!!)

Uxbridge is the home of Berroco, and this store had a really great selection of it. They weren’t limited to Berroco – they had a really nice range in everything from sock to chunky yarns. Totally worth the out of the way drive. The owner was friendly and helpful, while still giving us lots of room to explore on our own.

I couldnt leave without some more baby yarn – this time for the baby girl Dee is having in the winter.

Plymouth Dream Baby

The plan is to combine it with this Berroco Comfort DK. How adorable will this be!

I couldn’t resist this Cascade Heritage sock yarn. It was so soft.

May be a strange combination but I’m thinking of using them together in a pair of socks

Finally I picked up this Lang Yarns Nubia – it just felt so rich and perfect for a fall sweater.

The last stop on my latest string of yarn crawling was The Beauty of Yarn in Providence. A little tiny shop but with a nice selection of yarns and accessories. I got a really warm welcome from the owner who was willing to answer questions or let me explore on my own without pressure either way. This shop had a few yarns I hadnt seen elsewhere, things like the jelly yarn that was all the rage to knit up bags. She also had some really different colors (brighter and even a few that were almost neon). There were some really interesting projects knit up that were not standard for yarn shops including a wide brimmed summer hat and bathing suit. I did pick up a bit of Knitting Fever Paillette on sale that I know will be the perfect accent to something one of these days.
As usual, each purchase left me more inspired to go start some sort of new project – which explains the 5 projects now on needles.

Yarn crawling has left me with one question though – why are so many yarn stores not opened past 4:00 o’clock; why do so many close early on Saturdays or not open at all on Sundays? Is it just me or does it seem really silly? Anyone?