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So one bath poof does not a crocheter make. In my efforts to see just how much I liked crocheting I decided take the plunge after finding the pattern for the Boteh Scarf on Ravelry. I have all this sock yarn in my stash and figured I could use one of those…or not…each project just brings so many lessons.

I started out using some Madeline Tosh Viola. I love the colors, and thought it would be fun. With a little help at our SnB (Thanks Maggie) I was on my way, half double crocheting myself into happiness. Here’s the thing with crocheting – ripping is WAY easier than knitting, which was a very good thing because I ripped the first triangle out probably 4 times. Next to the loops…ahh the double treble crochet. Not so terrifying, not so difficult. I complete a few triangles ripping a billion times more along the way – and the more I did the more I obsessed that its just not looking like the picture. I determine it must be the yarn – maybe a variegated yarn wasnt right for this project (I refused to accept that I just couldnt master crocheting, although the thought did enter my mind).

Notice below – kind of skimpy looking; totally not doing the angle thing that will make this long; no way this thing will ever lie flat; not to mention the overall appearance is just not something I see being warn by me…well…ever!

Lessons so far:
1. Admit when something looks like crap
2. Dont bother working on something when you dont like the way it looks – you’re destined either not to finish it, or to finish it and not wear it.
3. Variegated sock yarn is probably best left to be used for socks

At the same time (because I am of course obsessed), I come across the new patterns just out in the Summer issue of Knitters Magazine. There are these socks that I just must make (and not with this yarn either)…holiday weekend coming up and I can feel my knitting ADD kicking in. There are a billion things I want to work on and while I’m enjoying the cardigan I have on the needles, its just not holding my attention long term. Add that to my feeling less and less attached to this scarf I decide to search out a copy of Knitter’s Magazine. Several phone calls later I find that of course my good old LYS Black Sheep Knitting in Needham had it. I decide to take the drive – and bribe Tamika from our SnB with the missing #2 bamboo double pointed needle she needed to come along. Fun company, but the best was her reaction to the store – she encapsulated my feeling about Black Sheep Knitting in two words Yarn Porn How perfect a phrase is that!! But I digress…back on track. While perusing the yarn porn I find this beautiful Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette in a light plum that I thought would be awesome for my scarf.

Back home and ready to try again (before I start the socks) I sit down and read through the instructions once again which brings me to the most important lesson
3. Read the *&*^*%* instructions and follow them AS THEY ARE WRITTEN

No wonder the thing doesnt look right – I’m adding 5 chained stitches where they domt belong. Well now I’m just charged to go and jump in with both feet (ok hands). There is no question that this pattern is much better suited by a solid yarn – its also really suited to be worked the way it was written. All of a sudden it all makes sense and I’m just cruising along – with 6 triangles out of 16 complete in one evening and one morning of work.

I still wouldnt call myself a crocheter yet – but I’m on my way!