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Its interesting to me to see how my knitting moods change – some days its all about browsing patterns and yarns that I want to work with, others days its all about finishing what I have on the needles. There’s this point in a project when that need to finish kicks in beyond all my other knitting impulses and I start on “mission finish”. Which is what I’ve been on for the past few weeks.

It started out with my art yarns triangle tank. I was downright gleeful when I got to putting it together and putting on the crochet edge. This sweater was an exercise in patience at some points – especially when I discovered that I was doing one triangle totally backwards! I also learned that loving a yarn so much really helps to provide motivation to just go back and do it correctly. I think this is one of my favorite finished projects to date. I’ve already worn it a few times.

Art Yarns Triangle Top
I’m especially fond of the detail in this sweater – right down to the beaded edging

So – armed with the joy of a finished project I set out to take on the simple summer shell. I purchased the yarn the same day as all the other art yarns now in my stash so somehow it seemed fitting. I modified this pattern a bit by putting in on circular needles instead of seaming it, which added a bit more challenge when I was working on it but totally saved me hours of stitching. Two days later, I had completed this top too!

Summer ShellTruly the real joy in finishing two projects pretty much at the same time was wearing something new I knitted two days in a row. Almost as good as realizing that I can start to figure out what I want to work on next!!